Pot to Plate – Rocket leaves(Arugula) and Pink Radish

8 Feb

Its been a while and the blog saw very little action. Not that the pots weren’t full, but the Pitter Potter gardener, got busy and was down with an eye infection. However glad to be back and here are a few beauties which warmed my heart  this week.

Radishes – The Radishes were the easiest to grow  taking  less than a month to harvest. I chose the pink beauties because they were pink and looked very appealing . Take a look at its pictorial journey. The saplings at 10 days.Image,The pinkies at 25 days:Image

And then the rocket leaves with their journey from pot to plate in 4 weeks.



And here was the produce:



And what followed was an yummylicious salad,with a bit of bite, mustard vinaigrette, tomatoes,feta cheese , rocket leaves and radish.  It  disappeared as soon it was placed on the table. 

ImageIts been a while folks, lets connect, let me know whats growing in your part of the world and your homes?

Beet the Ruby Red

28 Dec

Well, it all started here, when these tiny red seeds( the ruby red variety of beetroot) looked very inviting.


I started with a small batch at a time, the cute saplings were thinned .


And the tiny ones, started growing their pretty foliage , brightening the pot.


I added some of the tender leaves into a salad and can I tell you , they were absolutely delicious.

And after a wait of 45 days, there was the bulbous root, all ripe and ready. I ensured that I harvested it tender.


And here it is in a rustic salad:



And the yummy beetroot flavoured yoghurt or simply beetroot raita



I was amazed at the beauty and the taste of the home grown beet. But this website here with its insightful article about the benefits of beet , got me thinking and makes me want to plant more of them.

Do let me know if you liked the post.

The Black beauty

23 Dec

Shiny black with its violet flowers, this handsome veggie was the pride of the garden. Luscious to look at, delicious to devour, dear black beauty, thanks for the pleasant surprise.

Here’s the pictorial journey from a flower to the  eggplant all in a matter of fifteen days.







And here’s to the final product



Notes –

1. The plant needed heavy staking while it was growing primarily because of the weight.

2. Eggplants are very thirsty plants and needed water almost daily.

3. I’d like it to call it the versatile veggie, being the perfect accompaniment to any food.

4. Needed a lot of sunlight and the plant dint really appreciate the onset of winter.

5. It is better to pluck them early before the glossiness fades off, because they tend to get too seedy inside.


Because it feels like Christmas

16 Nov

The reds and the greens spotting the balcony and the slight nip in the air, sure feels like Christmas. Warm days and the chilly evenings, marking my favourite season of the year- Winter. And unlike , the other parts of the world, I am glad that there are some flowers still blooming and keep my spirits high.. Come take a peek at the lovely Christmasy  Poinsettia that I bought , on a trip to Chikmagalur this January.

ImageAnother one of the Poinsettia Family :


My lil red Dianthus


My red geranium .

DSC01729 (2)

The red aphorbia:


Hope you enjoyed the burst of colour, these are especially  for my gardening buddies from the colder parts of the world. Here’s sending some warmth and colour from my lil balcony..

From the pot to the plate- Cabbage

3 Nov

Its been a while since I have grown vegetables since the carrots tested my patience. So I went searching for veggie seeds that would not take too long and bought the cabbage seeds from the local nursery.  Prepared the soil ( mix of cocopeat, soil, vermicompost and manure) and then off went the seeds. A  week later and I had these cute saplings coming up. (Absolute mindless scattering. I never learn ,do I?)



Better sense prevailed and I thinned the growth, transplanting some of them and unfortunately discarding the weak ones. Here are the one month old saplings.


 I fertilised them with organic fertilizer at this stage.  Ensured that the soil is moist, and kept removing the yellowing leaves at the base. And after 45 days of wait, I could see the plant preparing itself , first the base and slowly the formation of the head.




Another round of fertilising and here I had the fully formed head after around 25 days.


I harvested the head after a week , and loved the tender, sweet vegetable.  Harvesting it was fun, as though mother nature, was presenting me with a stalk.(tap root)

ImageHere’s what I made from the home grown cabbage following the recipe from my favourite cooking blog. (Kothiyavanu)

Here’s the dish that the family loved and enjoyed. Cabbage Thoran ( A south Indian cabbage stir fry)



So here I go , enjoying the weather , the festivities in the air , waiting to hear from you.

What’s growing in your garden this season?

Hibiscus blooms – My personal rainbow

22 Oct

So, I have been a lil under the weather, and thankfully the blooms are cheering me up. A huge fan of the hardy bloom for ages now, they are the stars of my balcony brightening my gloomy days.







But pray, I dint know they were such high maintenance.Look at the fungal rot affecting the buds and flowers.a spray of neem liquid ever week is becoming a must.Take  a look at the ugly spots.


Tips anyone???


2 Oct

Ok so this piece of news left me all flustered. The  amazing news of grafting a tomato and potato plant to have both of them at the same time . Beats me and creeps me out a bit hence had to go on the blog. Dont believe it . Read about it here : http://grist.org/list/tomtato-grows-tomatoes-and-potatoes-at-the-same-time-freak/

And here are some pictures courtesy CBS and factscoexist.com




Some co-existence..this??

A never ending wait for the Carrots

21 Sep

I have always been a fan of pulling up fresh carrots from the soil and devouring them.  But had never tried growing them in a container, as always my curiosity got the better of me, and then the much awaited purchase of the carrot seeds from the local nursery happened.    I  was quite surprised to note that the seeds resembled  cumin seeds faintly.

carrot seeds

I  was told by my  Amma that carrots need a lot of  loose soil, and had to ensure that  I raked the soil enough to ensure there were no weeds or stones . Started with one big pot.    The carrots seemed adamant in testing my patience and took around 3 weeks just to germinate.   I  was instructed to keep the soil moist, weed free all the time.

In two months time, the leaves resembled that of very tall coriander plants ,reminding me of my coriander pots.

carrot leaves


When  I  couldnt wait longer, I pulled out a plant and was extremely dissappointed to see these babies just forming.

unformed carrotsAnd then the wait continued which seemed like forever, and then at  70 days , could see the heads pushing up previously seen here.  I  was instructed to cover the heads up with soil.

carrot head



orange head


And finally on the 87th day came the labour of love,  I pulled most of them out and left some in the pot.  So here’s presenting the baby carrots.



Was not very happy with the size of the produce . apparently  I  needed to fertilise them which  I did not.  All I would do is mulch them enough.

And here’s what  I  made with the first batch.  A  few glasses of the freshest carrot juice which  I know will work wonders for my eyes.

carrot juice

So long folks.  See you soon.   I await your comments as always.





When three blooms made my day

10 Sep

The plants have been enjoying the rainy showers and the lush greenery around is panacea for my soul.  And  the bonus came in the form of these yellow roses which lit up my balcony and was the cynosure of all eyes. Reminding me of the popular Indian tea brand ,3 roses only if the roses were red . Take a look at these yellow beauties;



All weirded out

21 Aug

Caveman could not  believe that I could fall in love with a plant called Birthworts and it did not help my case that it was listed in the top ten ugly plants by the Telegraph. The vindictive man sent me the link hoping to dissaude me from bringing her into the household. But ever since this , my maternal instincts refuse to calm down when brought to the fore. So yes, she came into our house inspite of the stiff opposition and has made our abode hers for the past six months.

Something about the woody flowers that gives the creeper an exotic look , and then as I always say,, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, So with no further ado, I present to you  my Aristolachea gigantia plants .

All set to bloom ..


And theres the bloom

DSC01403More of them here

And miffed by the opposition, I am determined to spread the beauty to the near and dear. Waiting to collect the seeds from the fruit that seems to grow:


The plant is an aggressive creeper flourishing on my balcony and does not receive more than 2 hours of sunlight.  Standing out among all  the other flowers , it sure knows to leave a lasting impression .