An Impatiens affair

10 Mar

Impatiens walleriana is my favourite seasonal flowers. Mix them up or have them stand out in a pot in their own colour. They are pretty to look at ,to brighten up your window sills or simply add that dash of colour to your shady balcony. Please note they hate direct sunlight and tend to wilt under excess heat. I generally buy the plants from the local nursery rather than starting it from seeds. as it is too tedious.Some of my pics


One Response to “An Impatiens affair”

  1. polianthus May 21, 2013 at 11:04 am #

    Hi Thumbelina, thanks for following my blog, an impatiens affair – fun title congrats. My favourite flower this year is forget me not – you cannot kill them and they just keep on coming, they also need less water than impatiens. Then again where you are in the world anything you want to plant (with the exception of apple trees) will thrive and bear fruit, lucky you!

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