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Desert Roses – In my garden

18 Mar

Desert Roses or Adeniums are my favourite flowers after Firangipanis and Hibiscus. I love the sturdy reselient plants and the prettiest blooms that brighten my day and home every year.Its been four years since I have nurtured these bonsai wonders. Careful pruning before their blooming season and regular boost of organic fertilisers make for very pretty pictures and happy blooms. They adore the sunlight so ensure they get their fair share of sunlight.

I hope you enjoy staring at them as much as I do. The reds,whites and pinks



DSC00267Red Adeniums

Red Adenium

And here’s welcoming the newest member of the family. Which I have cultivated from seed. She is just six months old and I am already so much in love with her. The little sapling took around a month to germinate and grows a millimetre every month.


Cant wait for the next blooms.