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Because it feels like Christmas

16 Nov

The reds and the greens spotting the balcony and the slight nip in the air, sure feels like Christmas. Warm days and the chilly evenings, marking my favourite season of the year- Winter. And unlike , the other parts of the world, I am glad that there are some flowers still blooming and keep my spirits high.. Come take a peek at the lovely Christmasy  Poinsettia that I bought , on a trip to Chikmagalur this January.

ImageAnother one of the Poinsettia Family :


My lil red Dianthus


My red geranium .

DSC01729 (2)

The red aphorbia:


Hope you enjoyed the burst of colour, these are especially  for my gardening buddies from the colder parts of the world. Here’s sending some warmth and colour from my lil balcony..


Hibiscus blooms – My personal rainbow

22 Oct

So, I have been a lil under the weather, and thankfully the blooms are cheering me up. A huge fan of the hardy bloom for ages now, they are the stars of my balcony brightening my gloomy days.







But pray, I dint know they were such high maintenance.Look at the fungal rot affecting the buds and flowers.a spray of neem liquid ever week is becoming a must.Take  a look at the ugly spots.


Tips anyone???

All weirded out

21 Aug

Caveman could not  believe that I could fall in love with a plant called Birthworts and it did not help my case that it was listed in the top ten ugly plants by the Telegraph. The vindictive man sent me the link hoping to dissaude me from bringing her into the household. But ever since this , my maternal instincts refuse to calm down when brought to the fore. So yes, she came into our house inspite of the stiff opposition and has made our abode hers for the past six months.

Something about the woody flowers that gives the creeper an exotic look , and then as I always say,, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, So with no further ado, I present to you  my Aristolachea gigantia plants .

All set to bloom ..


And theres the bloom

DSC01403More of them here

And miffed by the opposition, I am determined to spread the beauty to the near and dear. Waiting to collect the seeds from the fruit that seems to grow:


The plant is an aggressive creeper flourishing on my balcony and does not receive more than 2 hours of sunlight.  Standing out among all  the other flowers , it sure knows to leave a lasting impression .

Say Hello to the Buddha Belly Plant

18 Jun

Oh you waif like thin plants, swaying away in all glory, take a look at my Buddha Belly Plant or Jatropha Podagrica. She upholds the family tradition and takes after Caveman and me. Growing her girth every year, she now has a rotound belly. She is all of four years now and doesnt need any pesticides. She is strong and sits pretty gracing a corner of my balcony. There she is, displaying her belly.

Buddha Belly

She looked like this when she came home.  Slender and cute with a flowerhead and glossy leaves.


Through the year, she blossoms with these coral beauties.  That’s her most gorgeous flowerhead posing for the camera.


I have two of them now in a big pot, mostly for their foliage and pretty flowers. They are unsual looking and brighten up the space . They are sturdy and require very less care except for the annual pruning. The leaves are growing quite wide because they do not recieve too much light in my balcony. Trying to find a sunny spot now.

I am a little careful when pets or kids are around apparently the green fruits are toxic.


DSC01263 (2)

Let me know if you loved our chubby babies.

The bloom that makes me go hmmm

14 May

This annual bloom makes me go hmmm. I can keep staring at it for hours and continue to be mesmerized with the sheer beauty of its colour. This flower is the Red Blood Lily/Fireball Lily, Biological name is Scadoxus multiflorus katherinae.  The plant is three years old , and was given to me by my gardener in Hyderabad. She brought in a lot of joy, several  butterflies and hummingbirds to my garden. Blooms only once in a year, takes ten days to bloom fully and stays afresh for two weeks. The transformation every year , makes me smile and so very happy. Thought I’ll share the beauty with the rest of the world. So here it comes

The bud

Lily Bud

The bud at 5 days.


And now the beautiful lily in full bloom:

Final Lily

Here’s last years bloom. I thought it was prettier last time with a darker hue.

Red blood liy1

Hope you’ll liked it. Let me know , I am all ears.

Desert Roses – In my garden

18 Mar

Desert Roses or Adeniums are my favourite flowers after Firangipanis and Hibiscus. I love the sturdy reselient plants and the prettiest blooms that brighten my day and home every year.Its been four years since I have nurtured these bonsai wonders. Careful pruning before their blooming season and regular boost of organic fertilisers make for very pretty pictures and happy blooms. They adore the sunlight so ensure they get their fair share of sunlight.

I hope you enjoy staring at them as much as I do. The reds,whites and pinks



DSC00267Red Adeniums

Red Adenium

And here’s welcoming the newest member of the family. Which I have cultivated from seed. She is just six months old and I am already so much in love with her. The little sapling took around a month to germinate and grows a millimetre every month.


Cant wait for the next blooms.

An Impatiens affair

10 Mar

Impatiens walleriana is my favourite seasonal flowers. Mix them up or have them stand out in a pot in their own colour. They are pretty to look at ,to brighten up your window sills or simply add that dash of colour to your shady balcony. Please note they hate direct sunlight and tend to wilt under excess heat. I generally buy the plants from the local nursery rather than starting it from seeds. as it is too tedious.Some of my pics