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Say Hello to the Buddha Belly Plant

18 Jun

Oh you waif like thin plants, swaying away in all glory, take a look at my Buddha Belly Plant or Jatropha Podagrica. She upholds the family tradition and takes after Caveman and me. Growing her girth every year, she now has a rotound belly. She is all of four years now and doesnt need any pesticides. She is strong and sits pretty gracing a corner of my balcony. There she is, displaying her belly.

Buddha Belly

She looked like this when she came home.  Slender and cute with a flowerhead and glossy leaves.


Through the year, she blossoms with these coral beauties. ┬áThat’s her most gorgeous flowerhead posing for the camera.


I have two of them now in a big pot, mostly for their foliage and pretty flowers. They are unsual looking and brighten up the space . They are sturdy and require very less care except for the annual pruning. The leaves are growing quite wide because they do not recieve too much light in my balcony. Trying to find a sunny spot now.

I am a little careful when pets or kids are around apparently the green fruits are toxic.


DSC01263 (2)

Let me know if you loved our chubby babies.