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Pot to Plate – Rocket leaves(Arugula) and Pink Radish

8 Feb

Its been a while and the blog saw very little action. Not that the pots weren’t full, but the Pitter Potter gardener, got busy and was down with an eye infection. However glad to be back and here are a few beauties which warmed my heart  this week.

Radishes – The Radishes were the easiest to grow  taking  less than a month to harvest. I chose the pink beauties because they were pink and looked very appealing . Take a look at its pictorial journey. The saplings at 10 days.Image,The pinkies at 25 days:Image

And then the rocket leaves with their journey from pot to plate in 4 weeks.



And here was the produce:



And what followed was an yummylicious salad,with a bit of bite, mustard vinaigrette, tomatoes,feta cheese , rocket leaves and radish.  It  disappeared as soon it was placed on the table. 

ImageIts been a while folks, lets connect, let me know whats growing in your part of the world and your homes?


Beet the Ruby Red

28 Dec

Well, it all started here, when these tiny red seeds( the ruby red variety of beetroot) looked very inviting.


I started with a small batch at a time, the cute saplings were thinned .


And the tiny ones, started growing their pretty foliage , brightening the pot.


I added some of the tender leaves into a salad and can I tell you , they were absolutely delicious.

And after a wait of 45 days, there was the bulbous root, all ripe and ready. I ensured that I harvested it tender.


And here it is in a rustic salad:



And the yummy beetroot flavoured yoghurt or simply beetroot raita



I was amazed at the beauty and the taste of the home grown beet. But this website here with its insightful article about the benefits of beet , got me thinking and makes me want to plant more of them.

Do let me know if you liked the post.

Because it feels like Christmas

16 Nov

The reds and the greens spotting the balcony and the slight nip in the air, sure feels like Christmas. Warm days and the chilly evenings, marking my favourite season of the year- Winter. And unlike , the other parts of the world, I am glad that there are some flowers still blooming and keep my spirits high.. Come take a peek at the lovely Christmasy  Poinsettia that I bought , on a trip to Chikmagalur this January.

ImageAnother one of the Poinsettia Family :


My lil red Dianthus


My red geranium .

DSC01729 (2)

The red aphorbia:


Hope you enjoyed the burst of colour, these are especially  for my gardening buddies from the colder parts of the world. Here’s sending some warmth and colour from my lil balcony..

From the pot to the plate- Cabbage

3 Nov

Its been a while since I have grown vegetables since the carrots tested my patience. So I went searching for veggie seeds that would not take too long and bought the cabbage seeds from the local nursery.  Prepared the soil ( mix of cocopeat, soil, vermicompost and manure) and then off went the seeds. A  week later and I had these cute saplings coming up. (Absolute mindless scattering. I never learn ,do I?)



Better sense prevailed and I thinned the growth, transplanting some of them and unfortunately discarding the weak ones. Here are the one month old saplings.


 I fertilised them with organic fertilizer at this stage.  Ensured that the soil is moist, and kept removing the yellowing leaves at the base. And after 45 days of wait, I could see the plant preparing itself , first the base and slowly the formation of the head.




Another round of fertilising and here I had the fully formed head after around 25 days.


I harvested the head after a week , and loved the tender, sweet vegetable.  Harvesting it was fun, as though mother nature, was presenting me with a stalk.(tap root)

ImageHere’s what I made from the home grown cabbage following the recipe from my favourite cooking blog. (Kothiyavanu)

Here’s the dish that the family loved and enjoyed. Cabbage Thoran ( A south Indian cabbage stir fry)



So here I go , enjoying the weather , the festivities in the air , waiting to hear from you.

What’s growing in your garden this season?

Kohlrabi/ knolkhol in pots

4 Aug

Kohlrabi or knolkhol’s are  the distant cousins of the cabbage family . They have a nutty flavour but a little more pungent in their taste . Funny looking ,as much as they are, they add in quite a punch either to your salads or the dinner pots. Personally, my favourite is the Knol Khol Sambhar that Amma used to churn out:

So in anticipation of the beautiful vegetables, the seeds were sown and I was quite happy to see them germinate in a weeks’ time. After ten days and a bit of organic fertilizer later .Their tiny stems were swelling up





And this happens when you crowd your vegetables while planting and dont thin the plants :


And after 55 days of waiting and watching them grow their girth, here they were . The perfect size waiting for them to be harvested.



ImageTeaming them up with my homegrown tomatoes was not only a visual delight but a culinary one at that too:



Lessons learnt:

Harvesting them while they are tender makes the vegetable taste heavenly

They need ample space around them to grow . Thinning is a must if you see them fighting for spaces and resources like my baby knolknols.

They prefer cold climates and are not huge fans of direct,uninterrupted sunlight.


Okra/Bhindi/Lady’sfinger in pots

24 May

Growing up,  Amma would make me eat Bhindi calling it brain food and I grew up loving the vegetable.So how could I not attempt growing these nutritional wonders in my pots.  The seedlings took ten days to germinate and the tiny saplings were beautiful to stare at.

IMAG0162 (1)


I waited for the saplings to grow into strong four leaved plants and transplanted them into seperate containers. Planted three  of them in each pot. I had eight pots filled with compost, soil and cocopeat.



They prefer a lot of sunlight and I have realised that they are thirsty plants. I needed to water them quite frequently.Kept checking for weeds and pests and within twenty days, I had the most beautiful flowers . Apparently, okra is related to the hibiscus family, Take a look at the flower .



And after ten more days,  had the flowers growing into pods , A bit of organic fertilizer during this stage helped boost the pods. Take a look at them growing in various stages.

PicMonkey CollageEnsure that the pods are harvested when they are tender, lest they become stringy . Tender succulent Okra made for quite a few delicious dishes at home.  So the proud owner gleams at the produce after a total of two months.

Picture 022

The nutrition powerhouse has the highest number of folates apparently . Take a look at its detailed nutritional benefits here.And if you have any questions for the amateur gardener, please dont hesitate to reach out.


Desert Roses – In my garden

18 Mar

Desert Roses or Adeniums are my favourite flowers after Firangipanis and Hibiscus. I love the sturdy reselient plants and the prettiest blooms that brighten my day and home every year.Its been four years since I have nurtured these bonsai wonders. Careful pruning before their blooming season and regular boost of organic fertilisers make for very pretty pictures and happy blooms. They adore the sunlight so ensure they get their fair share of sunlight.

I hope you enjoy staring at them as much as I do. The reds,whites and pinks



DSC00267Red Adeniums

Red Adenium

And here’s welcoming the newest member of the family. Which I have cultivated from seed. She is just six months old and I am already so much in love with her. The little sapling took around a month to germinate and grows a millimetre every month.


Cant wait for the next blooms.