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The Black beauty

23 Dec

Shiny black with its violet flowers, this handsome veggie was the pride of the garden. Luscious to look at, delicious to devour, dear black beauty, thanks for the pleasant surprise.

Here’s the pictorial journey from a flower to the  eggplant all in a matter of fifteen days.







And here’s to the final product



Notes –

1. The plant needed heavy staking while it was growing primarily because of the weight.

2. Eggplants are very thirsty plants and needed water almost daily.

3. I’d like it to call it the versatile veggie, being the perfect accompaniment to any food.

4. Needed a lot of sunlight and the plant dint really appreciate the onset of winter.

5. It is better to pluck them early before the glossiness fades off, because they tend to get too seedy inside.