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Because it feels like Christmas

16 Nov

The reds and the greens spotting the balcony and the slight nip in the air, sure feels like Christmas. Warm days and the chilly evenings, marking my favourite season of the year- Winter. And unlike , the other parts of the world, I am glad that there are some flowers still blooming and keep my spirits high.. Come take a peek at the lovely Christmasy  Poinsettia that I bought , on a trip to Chikmagalur this January.

ImageAnother one of the Poinsettia Family :


My lil red Dianthus


My red geranium .

DSC01729 (2)

The red aphorbia:


Hope you enjoyed the burst of colour, these are especially  for my gardening buddies from the colder parts of the world. Here’s sending some warmth and colour from my lil balcony..


When there were visitors

8 Jun

It was my birthday folks and along with lots of happiness and good wishes my way. There also came a flurry of unexpected visitors to the potted gardens. Each one of them brightened the garden, added their share of excitement, colour and love to my babies. 

The colourful beetle stole my heart.



An unexpected shoot and a tiny seedling germinates to give me a birthday surprise.


And a lil pigeon scurrying around enjoying her stroll and perch.



And finally, look who decides to smell the flowers: Waiting for my own furry baby  though.



So long folks, lots of exciting gardening projects in the pipeline. cant wait to share them with you.